The ‘Keg’

I’ve yet to write a blog post about the kit I use to create my photographs, but in this instance I thought it might be interesting to do so – or at least for those of you into your photography too!

I’ve always been interested in the Canon 85mm f1.2 prime lens that Canon produce. It has a reputation as being ‘the’ portrait lens to use, albeit somewhat difficult due to the extremely narrow depth-of-field that can be achieved at f1.2. In fact at its minimum focal distance of 95cm the DOF is around 8mm – yes millimetres, not even a centimetre. I told you this would be a bit geeky didn’t I?

Anyway, for the non-technical this means that you can produce quite unique looking portraits with a very small part of your subject in sharp focus. An effect that is not to everyone’s taste, but I quite like it.

I had a number of jobs over the last weekend which was an ideal opportunity to rent the lens and see if it lived up to the hype. I’ve not rented before but have heard good things about and can confirm that they are indeed a great outfit to do business with. I ordered late afternoon on Friday, received the lens on Saturday and have returned it today. A very efficient and simple process.

So how did it go? Well here’s an image that shows what I was aiming to achieve – just the subjects eyes in focus – and I have to say I’m quite pleased with it.

There will always be room to improve, and the lens is capable of some stunning images – just take a look on google or flickr to see what other people have done. I already have the 85mm f1.8 lens and know that it is also more than capable of some stunning results – but there’s just something special about this lens – maybe the bokeh or blur in the out of focus areas, maybe the colour reproduction – but its just that little bit more pleasing to the eye than the images I get with the cheaper f1.8.

I’ll keep saving the pennies then, as this is not a cheap lens, but if you’re in two minds about getting one and have the funds then my recommendation would be to go for it. Or maybe rent it first like I did! Oh, and before I forget, it’s a rather chunky and heavy lens which is why it has earnt the nickname the ‘keg’ – just in case you were wondering about the blog post title!

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